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Monopoly Live • live stats tracker

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Monopoly Live latest results

ℹ️ The round history gets refreshed with each spin of the Monopoly Live wheel. Below, you can view the records of the most recent 20 spins.

Monopoly Live statistics

ℹ️ When the Monopoly Live round concludes, the statistics are refreshed. Sectors with a lower hit frequency typically carry a higher likelihood of landing in the near future.

Monoply Live latest best multipliers

ℹ️ When a player secures a substantial win during a Monopoly Live bonus game (or a significant multiplier on the base symbol), the most recent win will be showcased below.

Monopoly Live big wins history

ℹ️ Below, you can view the most significant individual wins achieved today in the Monopoly Live game.

Monopoly Live game review

Table of contents

  1. What is Monopoly Live?
  2. How to play Monopoly Live?
  3. 3D Bonus Game
  4. Monopoly Live strategy
  5. Monopoly Live tips and tricks
  6. How to win in Monopoly Live?

What is Monopoly Live?

Monopoly Live is a unique game show created by Evolution in collaboration with Hasbro, which has received two awards: "Game of the Year 2019" from EGR and "Game of the Year 2020" from Gaming Intelligence. This game is an expanded version of the popular wheel of fortune, Dream Catcher, enhanced with the use of augmented reality. The live game host spins a massive wheel, and players guess the segment while the virtual Mr. Monopoly sits nearby, preparing to embark on an unforgettable journey.

How to play Monopoly Live?

The game Monopoly Live commences with players placing bets on one or multiple segments displayed on the betting table situated at the bottom of the screen. These segments feature multipliers ranging from 1x to 10x, 2 Rolls, 4 Rolls, and Chance. If the wheel of fortune lands on a number, you receive the corresponding multiplier you placed your bet on. When the wheel stops at the Chance segment, you are awarded a card from Mr. Monopoly, revealing either a multiplier or a cash prize. However, the game doesn't conclude there; if a multiplier was on the Chance card, your bets remain valid, giving you an opportunity to multiply your winnings during the next spin.

Monopoly Live main game

3D Bonus Game

If you wish to participate in the bonus game, you can place bets on 2 Rolls and/or 4 Rolls, represented by 3 and 1 segments, respectively, with a hit rate of 5.55% for 2 Rolls and 1.85% for 4 Rolls. If luck is on your side and the wheel of fortune stops on one of these segments, you will enter the bonus game in Monopoly Live. If the wheel lands on 2 Rolls, the bonus round will last for a minimum of 2 dice rolls, and if it stops at 4 Rolls, then you'll have 4 dice rolls, respectively. During the dice rolls, you can earn an extra roll thanks to doubling.

Monopoly Live bonus game 1

Mr. Monopoly enters the 3D augmented reality world and takes his place on the board's starting spot. The board includes the familiar Monopoly elements like GO, Chance, and Community Chest symbols, houses, hotels, Jail, and Super Tax. The Monopoly Live host shakes the dice with a special shaker, and after determining the result, Mr. Monopoly moves onto the board, taking the corresponding number of steps. This process continues until all rolls are completed, and winnings are distributed to all players.

Monopoly Live bonus game 2

Now, let's take a closer look at the Monopoly Live game board. The multiplier values displayed on the board range from 1x to 100x. However, if you already have a card with a multiplier, such as 10x, the values on the playing board will be multiplied, ranging from 10x to 1000x. Furthermore, Mr. Monopoly assigns an additional random multiplier of up to 10x for certain properties. When the dice are rolled, Mr. Monopoly begins to move around the board, and you receive the multiplier on which he lands. The farther Mr. Monopoly progresses across the board, the more valuable the prizes become. If Mr. Monopoly manages to complete a full circuit of the playing field, the values of all properties will double.

In addition to multipliers, the board contains other intriguing elements, including GO, Chance, and Community Chest symbols, houses, hotels, Jail, and Super Tax, all of which can have both positive and negative effects on bonus winnings. For example, Income Tax reduces winnings by 10%, while Super Tax deducts 20%. If Mr. Monopoly lands on the Chance or Community Chest space, you can either claim a prize or pay a tax from the bonus pool. The most challenging space on the board is Go to Jail, where you must roll a double to escape. However, previous bonus winnings will not be forfeited in this case.

Monopoly Live bonus game 3

Optimal strategy to play Monopoly Live

As in all live games from Evolution, such as Crazy Time or Funky Time, having an optimal gaming strategy is of interest. It's important to note that there is no strategy that guarantees success in Monopoly Live. Any successful approach to the game will involve a strategic use of live statistics to make informed decisions.

Let's begin by understanding that the bonus wheel consists of 54 segments, with 3 allocated for 2 Rolls and 1 for 4 Rolls. This determines the probability of getting 5.55% for 2 Rolls and 1.85% for 4 Rolls. Simultaneously, the overall probability of obtaining multipliers reaches 88.89%, ranging from 40.74% for 1x to 7.41% for 10x. To ensure your entry into the bonus game without depleting your bankroll, it is advisable not to bet more than 5% of your bankroll on the 2 and 4 Rolls segments and multipliers. This strategy increases your likelihood of waiting for and participating in the Monopoly Live bonus game.

In the previous paragraph, we discussed the importance of utilizing live statistics in Monopoly. Now, let's explore how this can be beneficial. Live statistics display the outcomes of recent rounds in the game, specifically indicating which segments the wheel landed on during the previous spins. If the wheel has recently triggered the bonus game, it may be wise to focus on betting on multipliers to replenish your bankroll. After approximately 10 spins without the bonus game, it becomes sensible to place bets on 2 and 4 Rolls. However, please remember that this does not guarantee your entry into the bonus game, so avoid betting more than you are willing to lose. The optimal bet size should not exceed 5% of your bankroll.

Monopoly Live table

Seg. Seg. q-ty Hit f. RTP Variance Interval Max win
1x 22 40.74% 92.88% Very Low 2.5 spins 1:1
2x 15 27.78% 96.23% Low 4 spins 2:1
5x 7 12.96% 91.3% Low 8 spins 5:1
10x 4 7.41% 96.02% Med 14 spins 10:1
2R 3 5.55% 93.9% High 18 spins x1000
4R 1 1.85% 96.67% Very High 54 spins x2000
2R+4R 4 7.41% 14 spins
Chance 2 3.7% 27 spins Prize or Mult.

Kindly be aware that, in light of the significant potential for winnings in the bonus game, Evolution has imposed a winnings cap at €500,000.

Monopoly Live tips and tricks

Let's recap our key insights from the previous section and highlight some tips and tricks for playing Monopoly Live:

How to win in Monopoly Live?

In summary, to succeed in Monopoly Live, it's essential to stick to a well-thought-out game strategy and leverage live statistics for more effective bets. It's important to remember that no strategy found on YouTube or in blogs can guarantee extraordinary winnings.

Betting on segments from 1 to 10 can yield rewards ranging from 1x to 10x your bet. 2 and 4 Rolls offer considerable winning potential, with 1000x for 2 Rolls and 2000x for 4 Rolls, but winnings are capped at €500,000. Monopoly Live's theoretical return to player varies from 91.30% to 96.23%, and the payout depends on your wager, as indicated in the table above. If you're seeking a higher RTP, the classic Evolution game, Dream Catcher, offers an RTP of 96.58%, making it worth a try.

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