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Crazy Coin Flip • live stats tracker

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⚠️ At the moment, our offerings are limited to Crazy Coin Flip video, but we are actively in the process of incorporating a Crazy Coin Flip live stream in the coming days.

Crazy Coin Flip rounds history.

ℹ️ Below is the table with the 30 latest Crazy Coin Flip rounds with the highest wins and multipliers. Table updates when a new round settles.

When Total win Winners Big win High mult

Crazy Coin Flip biggest wins history

ℹ️ When a player achieves a significant win (in terms of money) in the Crazy Coin Flip bonus game, the most recent one will appear below.

Crazy Coin Flip biggest multipliers history

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Crazy Coin Flip review

Table of contents

  1. What is Crazy Coin Flip?
  2. How to play Crazy Coin Flip?
  3. Crazy Coin Flip Bonus Game
  4. Crazy Coin Flip strategy
  5. Crazy Coin Flip tips and tricks
  6. How to win in Crazy Coin Flip?

What is Crazy Coin Flip

Crazy Coin Flip is the fantastic new game show from Evolution that combines the gameplay of classic slots with the format of live games. Its unique two-stage bonus game, featuring a coin flip and win multipliers, can award you with prizes of up to x2,000.

Crazy Coin Flip main game

How to play Crazy Coin Flip?

The game starts in a studio that differs from what you might typically see in other Evolution games. On the left, you'll find a chat where you can communicate with other players and ask questions to the Crazy Coin Flip host. On the right, there's a large classic-style slot machine adorned with symbols of fruits, bells, and the letters 10, J, Q, K, and A. These symbols offer payouts ranging from 0.2 to 5 times your stake for five of a kind. Additionally, the game's logo serves as a bonus symbol with multipliers of up to x10, and it can appear on reels 2, 3, and 4.

Symbol 3 symbols 4 symbols 5 symbols
Bell 5x 10x 20x
Cherry 2x 6x 12x
Ace 0.6x 1.5x 3.5x
King 0.5x 1.3x 3x
Queen 0.4x 1x 2.5x
Jack 0.3x 0.7x 2x
10 0.2x 0.5x 1.5x

Before hitting the spin button, take a moment to focus on the lower part of the slot machine, where you'll find the menu for selecting different game modes. You have three options to choose from: normal spin, XXXtreme rotation, and Super XXXtreme rotation.

In the basic mode, your winnings are calculated in the usual way, based on your bet. In XXXtreme mode, which costs 5 times the normal bet, you are guaranteed to land one bonus symbol on the reels. Super XXXtreme mode, priced at 50 times your stake, guarantees two bonus symbols on the reels. If you prefer a gameplay style centered around hunting for bonus games, then you should consider selecting one of the XXXtreme modes.

Crazy Coin Flip game monds

Crazy Coin Flip Bonus Game

Crazy Coin Flip comprises three game stages: a slot game, a pre-game with multipliers, and the Coin Flip bonus game, all guided by a host. In the initial stage, you play a standard slot game where you choose your bet size and click the spin button. To qualify for the bonus game, you must collect three bonus symbols on the reels. To enhance your chances of landing these bonus symbols, you can opt for the XXXtreme modes, which guarantee one to two bonus symbols. Each bonus symbol comes with its own multiplier, and all of these multipliers are added together as you progress to the next stage of the game.

In the subsequent stage of Crazy Coin Flip, the multiplier increases temporarily on a three-reel slot machine. The reels display red and blue symbols with various multiplier values. When three symbols of the same color align on the middle line, their multiplier values are combined and added to your overall score.

Crazy Coin Flip pre game multipliers

Once the pre-game timer runs out, the Coin Flip bonus game, hosted by a live presenter, will commence. Prior to the coin flip, multipliers ranging from 5x to 100x will be randomly generated for both the blue and red sides of the coin. These multipliers will be combined with the ones obtained during the pre-game stage. Following this, the presenter will engage the lever to flip the coin and determine the victorious side. We'd also like to emphasize that you can utilize live statistics on our website to enhance your betting decisions or simply savor the live stream experience.

Crazy Coin Flip bonus game

Optimal strategy to play Crazy Coin Flip

Crazy Coin Flip is, like all other casino games, a game of chance. Consequently, many of us seek effective strategies and shortcuts to make the game more exciting and potentially profitable. However, it's essential to remember that no single strategy can guarantee winnings, even if you've learned about it from a popular blogger or website. Your playing style and what you aim to achieve from Coin Flip Live are equally important considerations—whether it's pursuing a substantial win or simply enjoying the live stream.

Moreover, with some gaming experience or by utilizing live statistics available on our website, you can develop and implement your unique strategy tailored to your preferences and bankroll.

Among the popular and effective strategies for playing Crazy Coin Flip, two stand out: the conservative and aggressive approaches.

The conservative strategy revolves around starting with small bets in the base game, gradually increasing them in later stages to enhance the potential winnings in the bonus games.

On the other hand, the aggressive strategy is better suited for players with a substantial bankroll. It involves using XXXtreme modes to expedite entry into the bonus game. However, even in this scenario, it's crucial to always keep in mind that it's wise to wager in the base game an amount not exceeding 1% of your bankroll for each spin. During the bonus game, pay close attention to the size of the multiplier to ensure that your continued play remains profitable.

Crazy Coin Flip tips and tricks

Let's summarize and highlight some recommendations for playing Crazy Coin Flip:

How to win in Crazy Coin Flip?

Winning at Crazy Coin Flip requires careful attention to your bets and the multipliers you acquire to ensure the game is profitable. This stands as the paramount rule when playing Crazy Coin Flip. Additionally, it's crucial to remember never to gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. By adhering to these principles, your gaming experience will provide enjoyment and the potential for significant winnings, especially when luck is in your favor.

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